Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Production development progress

Mar 092017

Just to update on the progress so far.

I had a really hard time getting my head wrapped around the production program. I had to rewrite the code several times and every time it ended in logic errors and progress not being saved. I decided to stop development for a few days. This really helped a lot. Not only did this help a lot it also made it more efficient. I will try to get the basic production working this weekend and update the game files. After that I will start on developing the production computer.

On a personal note I will be having eye surgery in a week so don't be discouraged if there won't be an update on the site for a couple of weeks. I do need to see to work on the game :) 


Rob Walker 11 March 2017Hope the eye surgery goes well, good luck with that. A break is a good idea, helps clear the head. Hope you get the code sorted. Keep up the good work!
Gambitason (Project Leader)12 March 2017Hi Rob, I'm kind of nervous about the surgery but i'm sure it will be all right. Thanks for your support and your interest!

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