Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Research Bay finished on to the production bay

Feb 282017

I have begun work on the Production Bay and came across some problems.

  1. Forgot that Earth also had a ground bay so there are actually two locations where items can be produced. Because of this the work has doubled of what I first estimated.
  2. The Production computer totally changes the way items are being produced. This does not only impact the way the buttons behave but also automates the production process. I greatly underestimated the amount of work the automation process would cause. But hey you at least don't need those pesky people on your work floor :)
  3. The Data arrays that I thought where pretty much complete had to be expanded by 8480 data points to save all the different production types like the automation process on every planet that could be colonized.

I have almost finished the logic behind the production process without the use of a computer on the ground bay. It will be very easy to translate this to a production bay in Orbit. I hope to finish the Manual production ground and orbit bay this week. After that I will focus on automating the process.

Because it takes more and more actions to progress to the point where I could test functions I have put some work in the options screen to make it possible to load and save games.


If the production bay is finished I will focus on the Shuttle Bay and the Shuttle it self so that the game can progress to going in to orbit. 

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