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Link to HTML version of the game

Feb 262017

I will try and keep the build up to date on thisĀ link.

There will be a zip file in the download section with each new build because I noticed that not everything is working as it should in the HTML version. Only when the game is near completion will I do the HTML optimalisations.

I have been very busy and the Research Bay is now 95% complete :)


Robert Walker26 February 2017I loved this game as a kid, I really hope you get the time to complete it. Good luck with the remake!
Gambitason (Project Leader)27 February 2017Hi Robert, Thank you for your interest. I have realy learned a lot from my first atempt. Especialy how not to do things :) It is a massive project even though it looks like a simple game. If I manage to get the sandbox running (everything is working but no AI and game events will be present) It will have a very good chance to get finished :)
()Alf27 February 2017Just checked my old bookmarks and realized, that is no more but found this one. Since i changed from Windows to Linux i appreciate your multi OS thought, although i would prefer something less browser thingy. Hopefully you get it done and wish you most motivation for it. When finished, maybe there are options or upcoming ambitions to "fork out"/add some improvements like mods/addons or so. Thanx for doing this.
Gambitason (Project Leader)28 February 2017hey ()Alf thanks for your input. I would like everyone to enjoy the game so if I get the game finished I will try to make as many different ports as I possibly can. If I get that far I would love to make a more modern version of the game. Changing out the grfx would be very easy but unfortunately I can not produce them myself :(
()Alf28 February 2017Understandable, one cannot possibly do everything. If you send me all gfx files (don't know how many or how large are those alltogether) or upload them on a picturehoster or whereever (which might be more practical for others), i'd ask some guys if they like to do some gfxing - no promise, but more than nothing. Some infos on prefered resolutions would be helpful i think.
Gambitason (Project Leader)01 March 2017Always nice if people take interest and offer to help. Thanks for the offer. I spent an hour or so exporting all the Graphics I ripped from the original game. I put all the files in a zip file in the download section of the site named "GFX 2017". Not all graphics are in there yet because I haven't ripped everything but most of it is there. The original resolution of the game was 320x256 (OCS PAL). Because of the extremely low resolution I felt no need to develop the remake in a super High resolution. That is why the remake is being developed at a resolution of 1024x768. All the graphics are dimensioned for 1024x768. For an upgraded versions I would like to develop in 1920x1080 so all files should be up-scaled for this resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
()Alf01 March 2017Well, i think scaling wouldn't be practical when you talk about 1024x768 and 1920x1080, cause it's 4:3 and 16:9 formats. I forwarded the information, which might be helpful to have both (lets see what's coming out of this).
Phantasm08 March 2017This is probably my all time favourite Amiga game. So awesome that this project is alive again

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