Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal


 Deuteros : The Next Millennium Remake

Date   Version  Discription


Deuteros Alpha V009

Game Progress

All Done

  • Data Arrays
  • Into Animation   

In progress

  • Shuttle Bay
  • Training Bay
  • Resource view
  • Research Bay
  • Timer
  • Options screen
  • Production Bay

Nothing done so far

  • Miningstore
  • News Bulletins
  • Master Control
  • Deposit Analyzer
  • Stocktaker
  • Star Selector
  • Shuttle Cockpit
  • IOS Cockpit
  • Orbital Production
  • Orbital stores
  • Matter Transmitter
  • Space Dock
  • AI
  • Game events

Resources from Deuteros : The Next Millennium Original Amiga Version

File Discription
Deuteros Soundtracks Soundtracks Ripped from the original game 
Deuteros Pictures A small collection of pictures from the original game
All ripped graphics so far All the graphics I have ripped so far. 

Millennium 2.2 Remake

The remake of Millennium 2.2 can be downloaded here or from this mirror. More info about the programmers can be found here.