Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Update : Eye surgery

Mar 272017

Exactly a week ago I had eye surgery. It went really well but my eyes do need some time to recuperate. At the moment I can not stare at a screen for prolonged amounts of time. As a result I have not booked any progress on the game. It will probably take a few more weeks to get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to continue the project. Personally I can not wait to start programming again!

Bugs, Bugs and even more bugs

Mar 182017

The production process did not work at all. A major factor was that the program language I am using did not work well wit array values in the If statements. Because of this everything I wrote did not work even though logically it should work. Now that I am passing values true to normal variables the if statements are working correctly. This weekend I will finish of the production process now that I have found a way to get it to work. Expect a new version at the end of the weekend.

Production development progress

Mar 092017

Just to update on the progress so far.

I had a really hard time getting my head wrapped around the production program. I had to rewrite the code several times and every time it ended in logic errors and progress not being saved. I decided to stop development for a few days. This really helped a lot. Not only did this help a lot it also made it more efficient. I will try to get the basic production working this weekend and update the game files. After that I will start on developing the production computer.

On a personal note I will be having eye surgery in a week so don't be discouraged if there won't be an update on the site for a couple of weeks. I do need to see to work on the game :) 

Research Bay finished on to the production bay

Feb 282017

I have begun work on the Production Bay and came across some problems.

  1. Forgot that Earth also had a ground bay so there are actually two locations where items can be produced. Because of this the work has doubled of what I first estimated.
  2. The Production computer totally changes the way items are being produced. This does not only impact the way the buttons behave but also automates the production process. I greatly underestimated the amount of work the automation process would cause. But hey you at least don't need those pesky people on your work floor :)
  3. The Data arrays that I thought where pretty much complete had to be expanded by 8480 data points to save all the different production types like the automation process on every planet that could be colonized.

I have almost finished the logic behind the production process without the use of a computer on the ground bay. It will be very easy to translate this to a production bay in Orbit. I hope to finish the Manual production ground and orbit bay this week. After that I will focus on automating the process.

Because it takes more and more actions to progress to the point where I could test functions I have put some work in the options screen to make it possible to load and save games.


If the production bay is finished I will focus on the Shuttle Bay and the Shuttle it self so that the game can progress to going in to orbit. 

Progress so far

Feb 242017

Started on the basics and made the arrays that are needed to make everything work in the game. Over 33000 data points so far :)

I used the GFX from my previous versions and I have started to write the code to make everything work. My intention is to make everything available and after I have that finished I will start adding in the Methanoid/Pirate threat and the steps necessary to actually play the game.

The progress so far. Focus is on the Research Bay at the moment and after that I will be focusing on the Production Bay.

Game function Progress
Data Arrays 99%
Into Animation 100%
Shuttle Bay 75%
Training Bay 65%
Resource view 100%
Research Bay 85%
Timer 60%
Options 60%
Production Bay 0%
Miningstore 0%
News Bulletins 0%
Master Control 0%
Deposit Analyzer 0%
Stocktaker 0%
Star Selector 0%
Shuttle Cockpit 0%
IOS Cockpit 0%
Orbital Production 0%
Orbital stores 0%
Matter Transmitter 0%
Space Dock 0%

I will be adding a link to the HTML version of the game. It won't be very good in the beginning but it will be updated whenever I can.